SEO is the procedure of outlining your site with the goal that it gets ranked higher on the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

There are 2 ways of ranking higher on the web. One is Paid and another is Free. Paid one is the advertisement through different sources like Google Adwords, Facebook or other media. It is costly and the customer has to pay for this based on the clicks. So this is also called Pay Per Click.

Organic activity — Organic listing or “characteristic movement” is the movement that goes to your site that you don’t pay for. You may get this movement in an assortment of routes, for example, joins from different sites, high in the web index results for certain catchphrases or watchword expressions, or informal exchange from cheerful clients and customers. Natural movement is the best sort of activity since you don’t pay a penny for it. The main issue is that it can be difficult to find, and the “recipe” for getting natural web index and movement can appear like a moving focus to numerous entrepreneurs.

This is the place, site improvement can have a major effect. SEO is the procedure of making your site alluring both to guests and to the search engines.
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